Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vittra School in Sweden Interior

"In connection with the establishment of a new Vittra school in Stockholm, Telefonplan, Rosan Bosch Ltd. has created the school’s interior with spatial divisions and significant custom design. The interior takes it point of departure in Vittra’s pedagogical principles and serves as a pedagogical tool for development in the everyday of the school. Instead of classical divisions with chairs and tables, a giant iceberg for example serves as cinema, platform and room for relaxation, and sets the frame for many different types of learning." as cited here.

Vittra International Schools in Sweden probably have the best interior design among any other school exists. The interior was by Rosan Bosch Ltd. . It looks so bright, vibrant and comfortable for learning activities. I remember when I was still in elementary school and how it feels being so lazy to wake up on school days. If just mine were as cool as this, school life wouldn't be the same. (Maybe? haha)

"The Mountain" (front) as the central point of the school

At the top of "The mountain" is a platform and lookout post

Inside the mountain is "The Cave" which is more likely a mini theater where students could watch films 

"The Chalk House" on the left serves as Multimedia House. On the right is reading niche for "Individual Contemplation" 

"The Dance Hall". Free to move!

"Organic Conversation Furniture" where students can work alone or together with their friends. They have the program: one laptop per student.

Organic table with room for cooperation in small groups

"Organic Sitting Island" designed for students to lounge and working with laptops

"The Lunch Club"

"The Tree" creates a 'natural meeting space'. It also serves as a point of reference in the school

"The Village" where students meet to do their group projects

"Window Pods" with space for individual work, while getting some natural lights and being within reach of a classmate for help

This school's interior is so cool that I want to be a kid again and study here, haha! For more information about the school, go to Vittra School's Website.

All images are from Rosan Bosch

- Olivia

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